Welcome to our new charity mascot, Dreamy!

Dreamy captures the dreams of very special children and bottles them up, before delivering them to the helpers at Dreams Come True.

Dreamy collects dreams from far and wide, right across the whole of the UK.

When the bottle of dreams is full, the team of helpers at Dreams Come True uncork the bottle and see what dreams have been collected.

The fun bit, is making all of those dreams come true for all our very deserving children.

More about Dreamy...

It's true to say that Dreamy loves to travel and meeting up with all kinds of boys and girls along the way.

Dreamy has been as far as Scotland, as you can see in the picture below, and all around the UK, can you spot the Blackpool Tower?

Dreamy loves nothing more than to see Dreams Come True, being there for when the special dreams that have been captured, come to life!

Dreamy loves making childrens' Dreams Come True, collecting as many dreams as possible, so the people at Dreams Come True can then make them a reality!

All kinds of dreams can then happen...

For some, the dream might be very personal, like something to make their daily life easier, or having a room or outdoor space to play in. 

For others, it might be a holiday or an activity they've wanted to do for a long time, or someone they'd love to meet. We've been making dreams happen for over 30 years!

See Dreamy very soon!

Dreamy goes to lots of places and visits children as often as possible, so if you're lucky you might see Dreamy very soon.

One thing for certain, is that Dreamy and all the fellow Dreamies love children, and that's why they love making the dreams of children, especially those who might be ill, or be struggling to get along, come true.

Being part of making Dreams Come True is what makes their job very special. 

And when Dreamy sees the smiles and hears the laughter from dreams that have come true, it's the best feeling ever and that's what it's all about for Dreamy!