Dreams can come in all shapes and sizes and for some families, it’s the simple joy of having a celebration to mark their son or daughter’s birthday. 

For some it’s a milestone they didn’t think they’d reach, and others sadly it’s likely to be the last birthday they will share together.

Not all children can spend their birthdays at home, and instead celebrate with their doctors and nurses in hospital.

At Dreams Come True we want to make these parties as special as possible,  and make each young person feel at home and have the chance to forget their troubles. 

For a child like Lucy, dealing with a terminal cancer diagnosis, her family didn’t want her to miss out on a third birthday party, so we took the party to the hospital ward instead!

These moments of happiness and normality are so important for Lucy, and even more special for her parents who will have those memories forever.   

How can you help a dream like Lucy's come true?

Your donation could help cover the cost towards…

Children’s entertainer: £175

Face painter: £175

Decorations: £150

Personalised Balloons: £120

Party food catering: £150

Bubble machines, ball pits and soft play toys: £400

Birthday cake: £60  

Photographer: £250   

Any donation will help to fund a dream like Lucy's

Thank you from Dreams Come True, Lucy, her family and many more dream families just like hers

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