Written by Binny Shah

Brilliant news - it is now even easier to make a direct donation to Dreams Come True Charity through JustGiving when you are on the go or don’t happen to have your card details to hand.

It’s called Pay with Bank transfer and through it, you can now make instant donations via JustGiving through means of a bank transfer. There’s no initial set up required and it’s very simple and speedy to use.

As long as you have a UK bank account you will be able to donate towards your chosen cause on JustGiving in just a few clicks and you won’t need to have your card details to hand making it really convenient to use.

To use Pay with Bank transfer as an option click on the ‘Bank transfer’ button on the donation page of JustGiving and select your UK bank. You’ll then be automatically redirected to your bank’s webpage or app. Here you will simply need to authenticate the pre-filled transfer details as well as be able to view your account balance before approving the donation amount.

As the payment is handled entirely by your own bank, it’s super-secure too and your details won’t be shared with any third parties!