Fran is a smiley 13 year old who loves teasing people. He is one of those rare people who will happily support both Manchester City and Manchester United when they are playing!

Fran also has cerebral palsy which affects the part of the brain that causes movement. Fran’s left arm and both legs are very weak and he must use his right arm to do everything.

He loves school and would say his favourite lessons are maths and English. He loves reading, which started with his love of Horrid Henry books and now he has so many books he likes to read.

Fran’s mum is looking forward to the trikes coming to the school, as is Fran; She is interested to see how he will be using the trikes having had some experience with them before.

He struggles to keep his feet on pedals and his mum is looking forward to seeing what adaptations can be made so that Fran can join in too!

Help us bring 14 Trikes to The Lancasterian School in West Didsbury, Manchester with our #14for14 campaign, all the details are here, every donation makes a big difference.

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