What is it like volunteering for us?

We have so many incredible people who volunteer their time to support us. It's because of our volunteers are we're able to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults with serious and life-limiting conditions. So, for Volunteers' Week 2019, we wanted to highlight three of our volunteers and share their Dreams Come True experiences. 


Dreams Come True is not only a charity that has a very worthy cause, but its small enough that every penny raised goes directly to those children in need. I was lucky enough to grow up a healthy child, but that is obviously not the case for some.

Reading many of the dreams for these children struck a chord with me and if volunteering meant helping just one family then it has all been worthwhile. Until you have found yourself in that situation, people don’t realise how hard life can be with a sick child.

Every little really does help, whether that’s time, money or simply a shoulder to cry on, if we all do that bit more we literally can change people’s lives.


Sometime ago, our very special daughter, Vicky, was lucky enough to receive a dream from Dreams Come True.

Most daughters will say that they want to be a fashion model or a Doctor or something but no, our Vicky wants to be a volcanologist!!

Did you know that the world’s largest active volcano is in Hawaii?  Nope, nor did we at the time!  So, unbelievably, Dreams Come True paid for Vicky, and us, to fly over that volcano.  To say it was amazing is a real understatement; it should be on everyone's list.  Actually, to say that Dreams Come True "paid" for the flight is an understatement too.

From the very beginning, the moment DCT called us to say that Vicky would get her dream, they, DCT,  got to know Vicky .....and us and before you knew it, we became great friends with Wendy, our dream maker.  It was a huge relief to have someone to share the moment and your feelings, it was FAR from just writing a cheque.....she even sent Vicky a few £'s at the last moment to buy a souvenir and an ice cream!

This is why, the moment we got back from the trip, we immediately contacted DCT and asked what we could do to help other dreamers.  The helicopter flight was spectacular but the dream was far more than that, it was the warmth, the smiles, the listening and sharing that make Dreams Come True what and who they are.  It would be so easy for us to just set up a monthly donation, which of course is a great thing to do, but we needed to do more.  

This is why we volunteer at every opportunity; this is why Dreams Come True are so special.


I started volunteering after retiring and Dreams Come True was a local charity with a national remit.  I was welcomed and quickly became a member of a small team, doing a varied array of tasks that helped to make bespoke dreams for children happen.  I feel that I contribute, all be it in a small way to a charity in which I believe.