We help make dreams come true

We have an amazing team working to hard to bring moments of magic and deliver lasting impact for children who have it tough.

We're not the biggest charity, but our mission is to make the biggest impact possible.


General Management 

CEO - Lisa King OBE

Head of Finance & Resources - Jean Stevens 

Bookkeeper and Office Manager - Lionel Edwards 

Dream Delivery Team 

Head of Service Delivery / Safeguarding Lead - Clare Messenger

Dream Manager / Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Emily Miles 

Dreams and Volunteer Coordinator - Zoe Simcock 

Dreams Coordinator - Holly Reedman

Dreams Coordinator - Penny Connell 

Fundraising & Marketing 

Head of Bespoke Fundraising - Shelley Thompson

Trusts, Foundations and Legacy Manager - Issy White 

Head of Mass Fundraising and Marketing - Jess Gloak 

Fundraising Manager - Emma Russ 

Fundraising Manager - Charlie Squires 

Marketing and Comms Lead - Lucy Constable Fernandez