We have a small team of wonderful Dream Makers who make the magic and Dreams of children happen!

Meet Penny, one of our Dreams Coordinators :)

Name/Age/Where are you from?

Penny, 52 (shhhh), I live near Portsmouth  

What does it mean to be a Dream Coordinator? 

Working with the families, referrers, and all the team at the charity to bring the dream together, supporting them whilst trying to make a little bit of magic happen.

– essentially being a mini project planner! 

How do you turn a dream into a reality? 

Learn about a dream from the child and their family/carer.

Consciously listen to what they would really like, and then try my very best to make it happen for them in the smoothest possible way. 

How long have you been a Dream Coordinator? 
Nearly a year now …!

What made you want to make dreams come true? 

My children are now grown. I had been in the same type of job for many years and wanted a complete change – making children’s dreams a reality was a wonderful opportunity for me. 


What is your dream? 

I’d love to run a dog rescue facility – but my husband has said ‘No’ (he knows I’d want to keep them all ….) 


What has been your favourite experience at Dreams Come True so far?

I can’t pick just one. Seeing children’s reactions to their dreams and hearing what they thought when they found out about them always makes my day.

Hearing about a brother and sister wanting to play on their new garden fort every day, even in the pouring rain, was pretty special though. 


What is your ambition for the charity? 

For us to grow our partnerships with volunteers, fundraisers and businesses, big and small, enabling us to make even more dreams come true. 


What three words sum up working for Dreams Come True? 

Busy, fun, meaningful.