Lillie -Rai is 10 years old and loves school, nursery rhymes, going out in the car to explore.

Lillie-Rai has 1P36 chromosome deletion, ADHD, Autism and is non-verbal.  She has very little awareness of danger which means she needs support in all areas to keep her safe. ​

Lillie-Rai's Dream

Dreams Come True sent Lillie-Rai and her family on her first holiday in years to Haven's Burnham-On-Sea! This was somewhere she could take in the sea air and enjoy her favourite activities, such as swimming! (Also not forgetting the colourful arcades and rides!)​

Lillie-Rai's 'moment of magic' was enjoying her favourite ride on the site, which Mum said 'we couldn't go past without her having a go!’

It is totally worth it for that lovely smile! 

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