We are deeply concerned by recent news that inflation has not yet reached its peak, with another round of energy bill increases expected to push it higher.

According to the Office for National Statistics, consumer price inflation reached an annual rate of 9.4% in June. The increase in inflation is attributed to the rise in fuel – which has risen by more than 42% so far this year – and a significant increase in the cost of food, particularly basics such as milk, eggs and cheese.

But while many of us are feeling the pinch, families living in the highest areas of deprivation are affected the most.

Around 1 in 10  adults living in most deprived areas reported that they were behind on payments for gas or electricity bills.

How can this impact families?

Increasing costs (with no increasing wages) mean that families have less money available for essentials and are at greater risk of slipping into poverty.

In March 2020, there were 4.3 million UK children living in poverty, over half a million more than five years previously.

The organisation ‘End Child Poverty’, explains that young people with lived experience of poverty know what that really means: the embarrassment of not being able to afford the right school uniform, the assumption that you won’t achieve anything because of where you’re from and the anxiety and uncertainty that impact your mental health.

What about children living with life-limiting conditions or serious illnesses?

When a child has additional needs, life is challenging, even for families with strong support systems. Ongoing hospital visits, the inability to join in activities with friends and even pain can impact the magic of childhood.

The added stress of souring living costs will significantly impact families and children – especially if they already live in areas of high deprivation.

For example, the increase in fuel prices means every visit to a hospital appointment will be added worry for parents.

Dreams Come True is the only wish granting charity that supports children living solely in the highest areas of deprivation in the UK.

We work with the children who need our attention the most. Our belief is that every young person has the right to dream, no matter who they are, or where they live.

Whether that is a break for a young cancer patient or a specially adapted trike for a child with cerebral palsy our Dreams create moments of magic with lasting impact and are personal to each child we work with – as well as their families, friends, carers and communities.

We need your support

These children need our support, and now more than ever, we need yours.

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