About Josh

Josh is 12 years old and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of two and he has limited speech and language. He can’t read and struggles with writing, however he comes into his own when he draws. He finds it difficult to regulate his emotions and struggles to identify and articulate his needs, so he is dependent on those he loves to provide him with comfort and reassurance. He uses visual cues and gestures to communicate his needs, and likes order and structure. He requires constant encouragement and prompting to follow through with a task and cannot be left unattended as he has no concept of risk and danger. 

A special boy like Josh deserves a special dream...


About His Dream

Josh's main passion is undoubtedly darts! He loves everything about it, and spends all of his free time watching matches on TV and YouTube. His likes all the darts players, but his favourite is Michael Van Gerwen. He owns a host of merchandise (his favourite being a replica of MVG's shirt), and he even knows all the walk-on songs by heart! 

Josh’s dream was of course to attend a Premier Darts event and sit right in the thick of it.

Josh's Dream Story

Dreams Come True booked tickets for Josh and his family to attend the 2023 Cazoo Premier League at The OVO Hydro in Glasgow in February, which featured most of the world's leading darts players.

His parents told Josh they were going but didn’t mention where they would be sitting in case there was a change, but they had fantastic seats at a table one row back from the front. Not that they needed them, because Josh was often on his feet, standing right at the barrier and offering a high five to all of the players as they walked on. He was often seen dancing in the aisles and joining in the chants!

Some moments of magic for Josh included featuring on Sky Sports wearing his iconic dartboard headgear, a member of the production team giving his a souvenir programme, and Wayne Mardle , an English former professional darts player taking a photo with him and shaking his hand.

Moments of Magic, with Lasting Impact

Josh's Mum said that his dream: "Created some wonderful memories for Josh, he had the most amazing time, an absolute ball. Thank you, he’ll never forget it ‘ 

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