Meet Lewis

Lewis is a gadget loving teen who enjoys spending time watching his favorite anime series and gaming on his computer. Lewis also has Autism, and one manifestation of his Autism is that Lewis finds it very difficult to control his emotions. 

Over time, this has left Lewis' room in a less than ideal condition. As his computer is in his room, Lewis' favourite pastime has been tainted by being in an environment that he finds it hard to derive joy in.

When we got in contact with Lewis', he told us his dream was to have a room that was redone and decorated with characters from his two favourite anime's - Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Slayer. So that's exactly what we did!

Lewis' Dream

We transformed Lewis' space into a room filled with fantasy and adventure that he is proud to call his own. Thank you to Double Helix Design who painted the murals.

Lewis absolutely loves his new room and receives of a greatly increased amount of joy from it, Nikkita says the level of positive impact it's had on Lewis' life and wellbeing can't be put into words

As a result of this room transformation, Lewis has started to show new levels of care and respect for his room and belongings. Tasks that used to take hours to get done through parental prompting - like folding his clothes - have started to be carried out by him off his own accord!

This may seem trivial to families who don't have a child with Autism says Nikkita, but it's a huge step forward for Lewis.

Not only has the bedroom provided Lewis with a lot of joy, but it has also allowed him to grow as a young man and become more independent by helping him to value and look after the space he has in his bedroom. A dramatic turnaround!

Help us help more children like Lewis

The ripple effect of this dream has not only enabled Lewis, but his whole family to simultaneously enjoy an increased quality of life and greater sense of wellbeing as a result of this dream!

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