Meet Martin, he is a bubbly, energetic and happy boy, but has the ability to change very quickly.

Martin is non- verbal and often finds it difficult to communicate. This can cause him to lash out, become very angry, hit and throw things.

During lockdown, this has caused him to bang his head against the wall as he has found the uncertainty and change to routine very distressing.

This put Martin at a high risk of causing damage to himself when in periods of crisis and upset.

Martin’s Mum, Yvonne, describes the iPad as a life saver. He can download apps he uses for relaxation and sensory stimulation, and watches video’s that create an ASMR response. 

Martin loves to watch videos where he can hear whispering, crushing and watches satisfying videos of soap being cut in perfect pieces. ASMR videos online usually involve people whispering, tapping, or making slow movements and some people experience ‘brain tingles’ when watching and hearing these types of sounds.

He also loves Singing Hands videos that use Makaton and help to reinforce the way Yvonne communicates with Martin at home. 

The iPad has been a great social tool. Yvonne will sing songs along with the iPad whilst sitting with Martin, and he can recognise, engage and interact.

When Martin needs the iPad switching on, he will go over to his mum and put her hand on the screen; so, she knows what he wants.

Yvonne believes that if Martin will ever speak this iPad will be a major steppingstone along the way.

The iPad is also a tool for relaxation. He needs sensory stimuli and when he is clapping and singing along with the iPad he is engaging in safer way.

Martin likes the iPad because he has control and can choose to switch things over.

He has so little control over things in his life it is understandable why this brings so much satisfaction.

Because Martin can focus this means that when transitioning from one place to another, he is less likely to breakdown, meaning that when Yvonne visits other family members houses, they get to see more of the happy Martin rather than a child that needs to be “dealt with.”

Since getting the iPad you can often find Martin upside down with his feet on the wall enjoying his periods of respite. 

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