Dream trip to Alton Towers!

Five years ago, Blazej was diagnosed with tumours on his kidneys. Now Blazej's has had kidney transplant, Dreams Come True sent him and his family on a fun trip with wild rides and water slides at Alton Towers! Read more

Eight year old dreams of a getaway

Franck has been undergoing treatment for the last three years, which has meant he can't travel or do his favourite thing in the world, and that's to swim. Read more

Small Change - Big Impact!

Meet Martin, he is a bubbly energetic and happy boy, but has the ability to change very quickly. Martin is non- verbal and often finds it difficult to communicate. This can cause him to lash out, become very angry, hit and throw things. Read more

You're a wizard Kerrie!

Kerrie was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a rare form of cancer that has made life challenging. Kerrie's dream was to visit Warner Bros. Studio in London to explore the set of Harry Potter. Read more

Electric bike transforms Luke's life

Luke has been through an incredible amount in his short life, including multiple surgeries, and we are so pleased to be able to deliver his dream. Read more

Alice’s dream is to relax in her home

7 year old Alice lives with autism and struggles to relax in her home. She's very strong and likes to climb and break things. Specially designed ‘tough furniture’ will mean she can be in her bedroom and mum doesn't have to worry about things being damaged. Read more

Klayte's dream is to be able to play with his brothers

Klayte lives with Cerebral palsy, so his walking is easily compromised. Having an adapted trike would mean Klayte can join in with his brothers and feel more included. Read more

Music fan Corey now has his very own iPad

​Listening to music helps Corey manage his autism as it quickly calms him down. Corey's new iPad has given him control and Mum says he’s now a lot calmer and happier. Read more

Zahra day at the zoo

Zahra was referred for a dream from her school. They told us: “she loves lions, so an experience where she can meet lions close up would be amazing. When speaking to mum it became even clearer how much Zahra loves lions. Ever since they bought a painting of a lion and put it on the wall at home, Zahra has been fascinated. She has always wanted to be picked up to touch the painting and has a lion toy of her own. Zahra has a teddy, “Mr Lion”, who goes everywhere with her, apart from school, but as Read more

Sensory Room supports hundreds of children

Halton Lodge Children’s Centre recently had the launch of their re-fitted sensory room which will bring essential sensory stimulation for children in the local area living with a disability, serious illness or life limiting condition. The community space makeover was delivered as part of our Community Dreams programme. Read more

A trike for Tavyian!

Tavyian, 9, lives with Downs Syndrome and came to us with a dream of an adapted trike, with a basket, as he loves to take his teddies and books with him. Read more