All parents hope to find something that captures their child’s imagination and attention, and this is certainly the case for 13 year old Amirreza.

Amirreza is non-verbal and sensory orientated, and mum knows how much he would benefit from specialist toys that he can play with at home. She wants Amirreza to have access to appropriate play equipment that will give him the entertainment and stimulation he can’t get from toys other children his age might play with.

Amirreza loves music, sensory lights and getting creative making different crafts. He also loves being in the water and swimming.

Amirreza is living with a rare chromosome disorder which  causes a sever learning disability and delayed development. He is dependent on the care and support of others who know him well, and his medical condition has had a big impact on the whole family, as it also impacts his behaviour which can be challenging for everyone.

Sensory toys would be a game changer for Amireza and the whole family, as this would give Amirreza something calming to do when things get too much, as well as fun toys to play with during those good days. One of the things he’d really love is a comfy chair that can be his own special place to relax.

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Globo Chair: £1,178

Soft Play Cylinder Mountain: £434

Giant Building Bricks: £32

Activity Ball: £29

Multiple Vision Glasses: £24

Neckerchews: £16


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Thank you from Dreams Come True, Amirreza, his family and many more dream families just like his.

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