Layla now aged 12, is living with cystic fibrosis and has sadly, had her dream delayed due to the pandemic and her health taking a turn for the worst, which resulted in surgery.

As Layla has grown up, she has fallen in love with everything Harry Potter, and her dream is to go and visit the Harry Potter Studios in London for a special day out. After waiting so patiently for her dream to come around, we’re doing everything we can to roll out the red carpet for Layla.

Layla’s experience day coincides with her 13th birthday in December, making it a birthday to remember. Her  favourite Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw, and a special Harry Potter themed cake has been commissioned by a wonderful baker and volunteer to mark the occasion.

Living with cystic fibrosis has presented lots of challenges over the years, but the past eighteen months have been tough for the family to keep Layla safe, and they’ve missed out on a lot. Layla’s has overcome scares and surgery, and Dad can’t wait for her to have a special day to celebrate her life and birthday.

Dad is keeping the birthday trip a surprise and can’t wait to see her reaction when she finds out!

How can you help a dream like Layla's come true?

Your donation could help cover the cost towards…

Tickets to Harry Potter Studios £183

Ravenclaw hoody £50

Souvenir photos and video £40

Travel expenses: £45

Birthday dinner: £100

Personalised birthday cake: £60

Any donation will help to fund a dream like Layla's.

Thank you from Dreams Come True, Layla's, her family and many more dream families just like hers.

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