Meet Alfie, he’s 12 years old and lives with Dravet Syndrome and he experiences the full range of symptoms. Alfie needs constant supervision because he suffers from life threatening seizures that require urgent medical treatment. 

Alfie is not able to keep himself safe. He does not have any danger awareness, and this places him at risk of harm so he needs constant supervision to keep him safe in the home and community. 

Because of the increasing severity of his medical condition, his mum describes day to day life with Alfie as ‘ living on a knife edge’. 

Alfie loves outdoor activities and watching CBeebies, and Alfie’s dream is to visit CBeebiesland at Alton Towers , and to stay in the Postman Pat suite. 

Dreams Come True are delighted to be planning this dream for Alfie, and to make it even more special we are arranging the stay for his birthday! We hope he has an amazing time, and can’t wait to hear all about it!