Corey's story

Corey is 10 and loves watching films and listening to music. His favourite films at the moment are Bolt, Peabody and Sherman and The Chipmunks.!

Corey has Epilepsy, Autism, and is non-verbal. He can easily become agitated and finds it hard to communicate sometimes. ​

Listening to music helps Corey manage his autism as it quickly calms him down, however he struggles to work the remote on the TV. If he can’t work the remote control, he gets very frustrated and his mum knows he finds the controls much easier on an iPad, as he has used one before.​

Corey’s mum found herself constantly giving up her phone so he could listen to music or watch the programmes he likes. This was difficult for her because Corey would get frustrated, and sometimes aggressive, if he couldn’t have her phone immediately. ​

Corey's dream

Corey now has his very own iPad. This means Corey can put on his favourite music whenever he wants.  Corey loves putting on films and fast forwarding to the end where music is played in the credits. Dreams Come True also provided him with headphones, so he can listen in peace, and a shock-protective cover to keep his new prized possession safe. The iPad has given Corey control and Mum says he’s now a lot calmer and happier. She also now has her phone back whilst Corey has something of his own.

Corey's Dream is part of our Small change, Big impact Programme. This programme aims to improve the daily lives of isolated children through access to vital equipment and technology, and it's clear to see the lasting impact Corey's iPad is already having.