Zahra was referred for a dream from her school. They told us: “she loves lions, so an experience where she can meet lions close up would be amazing. When speaking to mum it became even clearer how much Zahra loves lions. Ever since they bought a painting of a lion and put it on the wall at home, Zahra has been fascinated. She has always wanted to be picked up to touch the painting and has a lion toy of her own. Zahra has a teddy, “Mr Lion”, who goes everywhere with her, apart from school, but as soon as she gets home, she picks him back up again. She even has a lion themed room.

Zahra has an important operation soon, so her mum wanted her to have an amazing lion experience in March, whilst she was well enough. Zahra has several medical conditions. Her scoliosis causes her a lot of pain and affects her mobility, so Zahra and her family wanted an experience as close to home as possible. She wanted to go to a local zoo and meet some lions in real life. Mum thought that Zahra getting up close to lions would be the highlight of her life. 

Zahra’s mum decided to go on a lion feeding experience at West Midland Safari Park. Zahra’s amazing support worker volunteered herself to take them all down on the day. This was a huge support to mum and Zahra.

As well as feeding the lions the experience included: admission into the animal reserves, Discovery Trail and African Village, a return ticket to visit the park again this year, a refreshment break in Dino Diner, a guidebook, a box of animal food to use in the animal reserves and a memory stick with the photos taken during the experience.

Mum said :  “It was amazing, we all loved the experience. Zahra loved the fish and the penguins too.
The look on her little face when she saw the lions was something else.”

Zahra’s support worker also reiterated “I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising such an amazing day for Zahra and her family. Zahra absolutely loved meeting the lions, and her little face when she saw them close up brought tears to my eyes, it was amazing. There are some amazing photos that I’m sure mum has shared with you. You really did make Zahra’s dream come through so thankyou.”