Klayte's story

Klayte lives at home with his three brothers, Aidan, Tye and Lucas. He is a happy and determined boy, always trying his best at everything. He enjoys listening to pop music and watching the pencil figure cartoon on YouTube. Klayte loves doing arts and crafts at school and often comes home with pictures. 

Day-to-day life can be difficult for Klayte and his family. He lives with Cerebral palsy, so his walking is easily compromised; he falls frequently and experiences pain in his legs. He wears a helmet to protect his head from falls and special boots, and a lycra suit to help with his posture and balance. 

Klayte's brothers are all either diagnosed with or being assessed for combinations of Autism / ADHD, and although all the brothers get on, it can be challenging. Klayte often has meltdowns which mean Mum can't leave him alone. The other boys miss out as Klayte needs so much of Mum's time and attention.

Unfortunately, sometimes Klayte has to be stopped from joining in activities and playing with his brothers so he doesn't fall and injure himself, which can leave him feeling frustrated.

Klayte's mum says life can feel overwhelming to juggle everything and understandably sometimes finds it an achievement to make it through each day.

Klayte's dream

All Klayte's older brothers have bikes, and Klayte gets upset that he can't go cycling with them. Having an adapted trike would mean Klayte can join in with his brothers and feel more included. He will be able to feel part of things, especially when the family go to the park. 

When Klayte finds out he will be ecstatic, his mum thinks he'll jump up and down with excitement! 

How can you help?

An adapted trike can cost up to £2,000. If you can, please donate to help make the dreams of children and young people like Klayte come true.

Thank you!

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