Alice’s story 

Alice lives with autism and struggles to relax in her home. She is 7 years old but very strong and likes to climb and break things.  

In her bedroom, Alice will tip over her heavy wooden bed, throw off the mattress, and snap the slats by jumping on it. She then sometimes pushes the tipped-up furniture into the walls which cracks the plaster. It is not possible to continue replacing furniture and redecorating. 

Morning and evening routines are very tricky for Alice and can sometimes be triggers for her behaviour due to the chaos in her bedroom. This was worse during COVID when Alice’s school was closed and she had to stay home.

Alice uses symbols to support her everyday communication and will often struggle to regulate her emotions if she is not able to communicate effectively, but she loves dancing - she watches every series of Strictly Come Dancing multiple times, and loves to copy how the judges walk down the stairs at the start. 

Alice needs to watch tv to go to sleep- but it has to be removed each night otherwise when she wakes, she will throw it over the stairgate. 

Alice’s dream is to relax in her home 

Alice’s dream was some specially designed ‘tough furniture’, which is hard-wearing, with internal hinges. Dreams Come True have given Alice a high sleeper bed with a den underneath for her toys, and a secure tv cabinet for the wall so she can watch all her favourite programmes, and Mum knows the tv won’t get damaged.  

Now she can relax and unwind in a bedroom that is safe, with furniture she cannot destroy. 

Her mum says: " She absolutely loves her bed she calls it her highest sleep. Her toys go under the bed in the den at bedtime, but in the morning, she takes them up to the top of the bed to play with. She likes going under the bed but particularly likes sitting up top because it's high."

‘Would just like to thank you once again for everything you have done for us and sorting everything out as quickly as you did. It’s already made a huge difference to how we start the days’