Yusuf is 11 years old and lives with Down Syndrome. His dream was to be able to ride a bike like all the other children. Yusuf has never had a bike before because he’s too scared he’d fall off, as he struggles with balance and coordination.  

Dreams Come True were pleased to buy Yusuf an adapted trike to make sure he’s comfortable and able to ride safely, complete with his very own personalised flag! Mum kept this as a special surprise for Yusuf and told us he was very happy!  Mum told us;  

“It wouldn’t have been possible without your help. It’s such a beautiful bike. He didn’t know anything about it - he loved it. He is going to enjoy many years with it. I can’t thank you enough for it. And the whole process was so quick, easy and went so smooth. Thank you very much for giving a smile on my child’s face”  

Yusuf loves being outdoors and going to the park, and with his new trike he’ll be able to explore in ways he hasn’t been able to before, and ride along with the other children. This trike will give so much joy and freedom to Yusuf, and it’ll been a dream come true for Mum to watch him enjoy it for years to come.