Toby is 15 years old and suffers from Epidermolysis bullosa.

Foster Mum says that he is a real people watcher and loves sitting in cafes with her watching the world go by. Toby has dressings that cover his entire body except his face. He’s bathed 4 times a week which takes up to 5 hours.

His skin cracks easily and is very sore. The lotion that he has on constantly makes everything greasy. Despite all this, his Foster Mum says he NEVER complains and chooses to look on the bright side.

Toby’s fingers are fused together due to his condition making everyday activities we take for granted very difficult for him. His dream was to have a touch screen laptop to enable him do his homework, be creative and play games easily. Just like any other teenager his age.

Toby’s Foster Mum said it’ll mean the world to him to have something that is just his.  Toby received his Surface Pro Touch Screen Laptop with Stylus and Mouse just in time for Christmas!

Foster Mum has said the effect it has had on Toby is absolutely fantastic. It’s been lovely to see him working out all the things he can now do creatively which he couldn’t before! He was also keen to do his Maths homework and he has managed to write a story!

She says she’s seen him growing in confidence and going off and doing his own thing.