Tavyian, 9, lives with Downs Syndrome and came to us with a dream of an adapted trike, with a basket, as he loves to take his teddies and books with him. He suffers significant pain in his back and feet if he is standing or walking for any length of time. This makes it difficult to go anywhere, as he is too heavy to carry. ​

Recently Dreams Come True was delighted to be able to deliver Tavyian’s dream trike to him at home. He has been unwell for weeks and unable to leave the house, but he’s now on the mend and can’t wait to try his new trike outside very soon. We’ve provided him with a helmet and lights too to keep him safe, and because Tavyian doesn’t want the darker evenings in winter to stop him being able to cycle!

His mum said ‘He was shocked at first, and was speechless- he just stood looking at it with a big smile. He is so happy with it.  He is unable to ride outside yet due to his health , but we hope when he is better he can cycle to all the local parks’.

When his family visited, Tavyian was very proud and protective of his trike . He told them ‘It's mine, don’t touch it, I am going to ride it outside when I am better. I can share it with you sometimes but it's mine !'

We are so happy that Tavyian loves his new trike, and grateful to his mum for modelling all the accessories! We can’t wait to hear how he gets on when he’s able to enjoy exploring outdoors.