Arlo is 6 years old and lives with his Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister in Glasgow. He is an active boy and loves playing in the garden in his wellies and on his balance bike.  Arlo has Autism and Learning disabilities which makes communication difficult for him. 

Being a massive Mr Tumble and Thomas The Tank fan, Arlo’s dream was to go to Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers and stay in the Mr Tumble Suite. Followed by a stay and visit to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor so he can see all his favourite Thomas characters in real life! After a difficult year for all, this trip would mean so much to the whole family. 

On Arlo's Dream...​

Arlo loved the Tree Top Adventure ride where he could see right out over the whole park and with encouragement he was waving and saying hello! In the past Arlo has been cautious of going on rides but whilst on his dream he ‘really let loose and was being amazingly wild and free’!

Arlo’s highlight of Thomas Land was getting to ride Thomas across the park then ride on the swaying boat. The boat ride stimulated his proprioceptive sense which is a sensation that Arlo seeks out usually by spinning or lying upside down.

His eyes lit up on that ride as the swaying and movement. Mum and Dad just felt sick though! 

Arlo has everyday key phrases he uses to communicate but Mum says he has learnt a new phrase: ‘Mummy, where’s the train station?’ We're glad you had a wonderful time Arlo!! 

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