Abbie's story

Abbie is 9 years old and lives at home with Dad, Mum and sister Ellie.  

Abbie has autism spectrum disorder and is non-verbal, still in nappies, and bottle-fed a lot of the time. Abbie tends to have finger food, but it's touch and go on what she'll eat on what day. 

Abbie can become easily frustrated and can sometimes act out.  

Dad, Michael says that on a good day, Abbie might give out a hug, and it's very special and when she says the occasional word, it's extra special. Sometimes when Dad signs 'row, row, row, your boat....' he can look in her eyes and he knows there is a real moment of connection there. He fights back the tears to finish the song. The house is boring without Abbie. She wakes the house up in a good way! 

Abbie's dream

Abbie likes her own company, and likes to be covered up. She loves Peppa Pig, Ben Holly and Fireman Sam. Abbie's dad mentioned that Abbie is constantly trying to borrow her Mum's iPad, and it can become very tricky to separate her from it when Mum has crucial tasks to be done.  

Dreams Come True has provided Abbie with her very own iPad Pro to play her games and watch her shows on. 

Abbie's Dad he said, 'We are so appreciative for what you've done for Abbie! She is absolutely loving her iPad!!' 

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